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You're losing 💸 every month, by not using AI


Implement AI now. Fast, easy and FREE.

Zero Coding  |  Free to use  |  No credit card  |  Use in your websites, Whatsapp & Email  |  Automate Sales, repetitive tasks and much more with AI


2023 National Innovation Award recepient

Docs2ai was recently awarded 2nd Place in Guatemala's National Innovation 2023 Award given by the Guatemalan Science and Technology body  (SENACYT)...  more

From Zero to Hero quick and easy

Wow you boss, peers and clients with EASY to create AI powered Sales chatbots that require no coding, AI expertise or credit card, that are always helpful and work 24/7

Before Docs2ai


Go from responding to ALL incoming messages and answering the same questions...

After Docs2ai

Happy2.gif following up ONLY the clients that are filtered by our AI and are ready to buy or try

Advantages of a Sales chatbot

But Docs2ai is much more, use it to

build FREE to use...

image_processing20210615-18289-e5ilr7.gif (3).gif

...AI Chatbots

Useful for technical support and ticketing, scheduling and employee onboarding use cases

  • Specify your bots' oibjectives

  • Add a Static and dynamic Call to Action buttons

  • Link buttons to your website, ecommerce or calendar

  • Customize the feel and look of your bots

...and AI Automations

Useful for repetitive email, document and digitization workflows

  • Translate and summarize documents

  • Classify and route documents

  • Extract unstructured data

  • Link several automations

image_processing20210614-19738-ix8z4z.gif (5).gif

Some of our CORE FEATURES available to all our users

Fully Customizable

Change your chatbots' icons, greetings and colors to match your brand

Multilingual Bots

Built-in multi language support up to 17 different languages

Website Widget

Embed in your website, ecommerce site and even web forms

Whatsapp Integration

Use your bots in Whatsapp by just entering your Phone ID,   number and Whatsapp ID

Multiple Bots

5 up to 30 bots per account, good for A/B tests and multiple bot deployments

QR Code

Print and share in your physical marketing material and collateral

Call to Action Buttons

Keyword activated CTA buttons, increase sales,  demos, signups, etc.

Email Training

Remote bot training using email attachments and  email alerts from other software

Unlimited Users

Invite and collaborate with unlimited coworkers in your company or organization

Try our

Chatbot DEMO

Try our Docs2ai Customer Facing chatbot demo.

Type a question to get started, or scan/click the
QR code below.


Try our

Automation DEMO

Try our Docs2ai AI automation demo.  Just upload a PDF and your email twice. 

This demo has been trained to summarize PDFs, but our system can classify documents, extract data, answer custom prompts, and send results via email or to other automations allowing two or more automations to be linked for complex workflows.

  • What is Docs2ai?
    Docs2ai is a web platform that allows anyone to build Artificial Intelligent (AI) powered chatbots and assistants in minutes and trained on your data. With Docs2ai, you can easily upload PDF files or share a website link and our platform will generate an intelligent chatbot capable of providing deep insights related to your content or a behind-the-scenes assistant that can intelligently automate repetitive business tasks related to files, like summarizing, translating, classifying, extracting unstructured data, sentiment analysis, etc.
  • Why build an AI chatbot?
    Additionally to being a really cool and easy project anyone can implement in a matter of minutes with Docs2ai, an AI chatbot can relieve the workload of customer facing taks, like promptly informing prospects and leads about your company's products and services, or helping current customers troubleshoot issues, or even allowing those chatbots to suggest what products or services would be the most appropiate for your customers using Keywords and Dynamic Call-to-action button.
  • Why build an AI automation?
    Every company and even most knowledge workers have several repetitive tasks, like reading thru a file or a report and summarizing the key points, or classifying and routing incoming documents, extracting data that will later be used or inputed in your systems or a combination of two or more of these. By building an AI Assistant with Docs2ai, anyone can automate those task in a matter of minutes, letting the AI do its magic and freeing workers to apply their knowledge where there is real value added
  • How much does using Docs2ai cost?
    The short answer is that Docs2ai can be FREE to use forever. The long answer is that we use a FREEMIUM business model, like almost all internet related businesses, where anyone can try and even use forever our Virtual Assistant Building platform for FREE, but with certain limitations, most important the amount of responses the chatbots can answer or automat (100 responses or 33 automations per month), the amount of clicks on the "call to action buttons" (10 clicks per month) and the amount of disk space used for the training documents (20MB). If you need more bots, answers, clicks or disk space you can UPGRADE to a PAID plan whenever. Our PAID plans start at $30 per month for 1,000 responses or 333 AI automations per month (each AI automation counts as 3 responses), which is good enough for small businesses. These prices may change so we recommend you check our official pricing page.

Automate Work with AI

It only takes five minutes to try

No credit card  |  No coding required  |  No AI expertise needed (2).gif
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